Monday, April 13, 2015

Going to the Mother Earth News Fair

     We had a wonderful trip to the Mother Earth News Fair. Our day started like this.

     On Friday Night excitement was building and everyone were packing for the one and only Mother Earth News Fair! When we went to bed the excitement kept us awake. When we finally drifted off to sleep, the Mother Earth News Fair was in our thoughts.

     We woke up a little before 7:00 to get ready, pack the car, and head on our way to the Mother Earth News Fair in Asheville for the second time. Once the car was packed and we were loaded up we were ready to hit the road!

     On our way to the Mother Earth News Fair, we stopped for a breakfast picnic. We stopped at a rest area about halfway between Franklin and Asheville, when we found a picnic table and we sat down to a meal of pimento cheese sandwiches, fresh pineapple, and deviled eggs. There was a cold wind blowing, so next time I think we should bring Hot-Chocolate and Coffee. After our picnic, we continued on our trip.

     As we entered Asheville it seemed as if everyone was going to the Mother Earth News Fair.
Traffic was backed up for miles. It felt like we would be there forever!

     When we finally made it to the fair it was almost 10:00, the fair started at 9:00. We saw many of the exhibitors like the Green Life, Sow True Seed(, Northern Sun, and John C. Campbell Folk School ( We thank the above exhibitors for letting us hyperlink their website. We also saw some programs that we really liked. There was a program called Mushroom Cultivation for Everyone by Tradd Cotter. There was another presentation called Launch a Food Business from Your Home Kitchen By Lisa Kivirist and John D. Ivanko. Meeting these people was life changing for us.

     Stay tuned for more exhibitors, presentations, animals, and pictures from the Mother Earth News Fair 2015, Asheville, NC!

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