Sunday, November 5, 2017

Beekman Boys in Atlanta, GA

Last weekend we loaded up into our minivan and headed down to Atlanta, GA. We were going to see the Beekman Boys. We were so looking forward to getting to meet them. We had always enjoyed watching The Fabulous Beekman Boys when the show was on TV. It told the story of the two of them buying an old mansion located in NY, how they came to have goats on the farm and all the other goings on at the farm and starting a new business   Then we cheered Josh and Brent when they were on The Amazing Race. It was so thrilling when they won! Josh and Brent have built a wonderful business called Beekman 1802. The business is based on the milk the goats produce from cheese to soap and everything in between. They have brought lots of business to the little town of Sharon Springs. One thing we really love about Josh and Brent is how they have brought so many other farmers along on their journey to success. We also love how they call their customers their neighbors. What a great idea! Thank you, Brent and Josh, for being so warm and welcoming to us. The two of you were exactly like we always thought you would be.