Monday, November 23, 2015

Chicks get a coop

     The chicks have finally moved to the farm. In the morning, we got a dog carrier and put some straw in it. Then we caught and put them into the dog carrier. Then we loaded them into the "Farm Minivan" and headed to the farm. That was the first time the chicks rode in the car. They were very stressed but, they finally laid down and then they were fine. Once we got to the farm we had to carry the dog carrier (with chicks that wouldn't stop moving) all the way to the back-door of the coop. Once we got to the coop we put them in the coop with food and water. Lots of people say to lock the chicks in the coop for the first day so they know where to sleep. The next day we went down to the farm to open up the coop. When we opened the door the chicks ran farther into the coop and then cautiously approached us. A few seconds later the chicks emerged into the sunlight. As we watched them through the day we found that they explore the edges of the fence as a group and then spread out in the yard. You can see pictures of the chicks below.
Chicks in the "Farm Minivan" headed to their new home. "Let's
sit on top of each other, it'll make the trip more fun!"

"What strange structure is this? We are no longer in a galvanized

Suddenly, the door creaks open. 

Sunlight pours in!

"What strange world is this?"

"One small step for chicks, One giant leap for chicken kind."

"What is this green stringy stuff?"

"Come on Myrtle! Be bold!"

"Grass, toe tickling and delicious, who knew!"

Stay in a group in this strange new world. "I think we'll like it


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  2. I'm sure they're much happier than they were in the tiny cage.

  3. VERY Nice a Manchin I bet to those sweet chicks! 😊