Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rooting cut herbs from the grocery store

     We bought a bundle of fresh thyme from the grocery store to put in our Butternut Squash. Grand put the thyme in a small cup of water to keep it fresh. As Grand picked off bits of it to use in her dishes, it seemed to be growing. We looked at it yesterday and found out that it had rooted, right there on the windowsill! Who knows how long it had been picked? It had to be shipped to the store too. Plants are so wonderful! Below are some pictures of the amazing herb. We are planning on planting it in a pot on the windowsill, that way we can pick it all winter. We will plant the thyme in the garden this spring. We'll keep you posted on how the thyme does.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Our worm farm

     Today I decided to tell you about our worm farm. It is a Worm Factory 360 ( and is an Upwards Migration Composting Worm Bin System. That means that you stack specially made bins on top of each other and the worms migrate up through them. We have two levels on our farm and we will add another when the level gets full. We started out with 1,000 red wigglers and now have at least 10,000 or more. We feed our worms coffee filters, tea bags, potato skins, squash skins, carrot peels, etc. We do NOT feed our worms garlic, onions, high amounts of citrus, or dairy products. Our three girls (look below) have been enjoying the worms too. We sometimes pick out some worms to feed to them. They seem to enjoy that. We can also use the chicken's waste on the worm farm so we have the complete circle of life.

     If you have a worm farm and/or have suggestions please comment below.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Our Three Chickens

                                                                 Our three chickens

Our Dream Farm

     Hi I'm the sister sandwich in this family, I have an older brother and a younger brother. Today I want to tell you guys about what we want on a farm. We want a farm with ten or more acres. We have to have water, like a creek or a pond, and of course lots of room for chickens, goats, bees, worms and maybe a horse. We may also get a donkey or mini donkey. We also need a barn to milk goats in. We need a property that is level, has more pasture than woods and sunny for gardening to plant tomatoes, potatoes, and squash. We also want an orchard to plant apple and pear trees. We need room for blueberry bushes, strawberry beds, raspberry and blackberry vines and a grape arbor (I LOVE grapes!)  

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


     We are a family of six. my mom, my dad, my grand, and three of us kids. I'm the oldest. I like to think I'm in charge, but my parents disagree. Luckily I've convinced my three chickens I'm in charge...well, mostly. I have a sister and a brother. We have two Labradoodles named Magic and Murphy, a Border Collie Mix named Molly and a grumpy old corgi named Merlin. We also have three Buff Orpington Chickens named Arvilla, Marigold, and Sunny. We make our home in the mountains of North Carolina, but that's all about to change!

   My parents and my grand have decided to move to a farm. We have looked at countless farms and are still searching for the perfect one. We are starting this blog to write about this life changing journey.

     If you have any comments, suggestions, or helpful advice please comment. If you have made this journey with your family please let us know.