Friday, January 16, 2015

Our Dream Farm

     Hi I'm the sister sandwich in this family, I have an older brother and a younger brother. Today I want to tell you guys about what we want on a farm. We want a farm with ten or more acres. We have to have water, like a creek or a pond, and of course lots of room for chickens, goats, bees, worms and maybe a horse. We may also get a donkey or mini donkey. We also need a barn to milk goats in. We need a property that is level, has more pasture than woods and sunny for gardening to plant tomatoes, potatoes, and squash. We also want an orchard to plant apple and pear trees. We need room for blueberry bushes, strawberry beds, raspberry and blackberry vines and a grape arbor (I LOVE grapes!)  


  1. Soraya will eat all the raspberries! I can't wait! it's going to be so beautiful!

  2. I like your vision for the farm!