Monday, September 19, 2016

Rocking out with Sweet Summer Farm

     Every time we looked at a farm we would dig a shallow hole to see if the farm had rich, black soil and not red clay and rocks.When we bought our farm we checked the soil and it seemed fine. We were wrong. Every time we till a place we plow up rocks. They range in size from an egg to a loaf of bread, or bigger We thought our biggest crop might be tomatoes or squash but instead, it was rocks. So we have tried to think up ways to use them up.We have lined flower beds, we have used them to stop the rain water wash at the downspout, we put them under the bantams chicken house to level it, and the old, huge original rocks are still the steps to the house. As annoying as it is to hit them the tiller and the shovel, they have come in handy. See pictures down below.
A cart full of rocks
We have a huge pile of all the rocks we've dug up
When you're tilling you just have to
throw the rocks to the side
The rocks preventing the downspout
We've lined trees with them...
...and our flower beds inside our retaining wall
We lined sedum to look like a rug 

Big rocks
More big rocks. Any suggestions.