Faithful Old Barn

     Our barn is a very old barn. It is probably the same age as the house. It has six stalls, three in each side. There is also a hayloft that still has hay and bailing twine in it. We still have the original ladder to the hayloft. It is beautiful when the light shines in on the hayloft floor. The original owners and the builders are the Benfields. They were the original farmers who farmed this land and built the house over 100 years ago.

Old Faithful Barn

A beautiful view of our 100-year-old barn
The front of the barn with the hayloft door
A picture of our hayloft. You can still see the old hay and bailing
twine in the corners.

This is an old wooden latch, a stick of wood lightly nailed to the
This is a slightly more complicated latch, a plank nailed to the
wall and a small piece of metal nailed to the door.

This is the most complicated latch, It is a wood frame nailed
to the door and another one nailed to the wall, Then, you place a
stick in the frame and slide it back and forth.

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