About Us!

     We are a family of three kids, a mom, a dad and don't forget grand! We live in the mountains of NC. We own a farm that is named Sweet Summer Farm!!! It is about 7 acres and about half of it is pasture and the other half  is woods with a creek running down the middle. We own a farm because we want to be able to grow our own food organically and also humanly. We love going to the farmers market and have made some really great friends there. Our mom cooks vegan after watching the documentary Forks over Knives. So when we eat at home we mostly eat vegan. When we eat with our Grand, who is right down the road, she does not cook vegan. We try to not eat GMOs, and commercially raised animals. We come from a long line of farmers and gardeners. Grand's granddaddy was a farmer, her daddy was a big gardener, and she still loves to garden. Our Mama has always loved to garden. Our Daddy grew up on a 1000 acre cattle farm in Kansas. We have Sweet Summer Farm so now we're like 5th generation farmers. We hope you enjoy our ongoing journey with Sweet Summer Farm. If you are interested in organic farming, canning, our anything else country comment down below about your experiences. 


  1. So glad you found your farm. I know you will be wonderful stewards of the land.

    1. Thank you, We can't wait for you to see us again and see all that we have done! Were making great progress. The garlic is all up and doing great (check out out new garlic post). We've also planted three pecan trees and started a fruit orchard.