Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Our Beautiful Creek

             We have a farm and on our farm we have an amazing creek. The creek is my favorite part about the farm. If you can't find me look down at the creek. You can just kick off your shoes and jump in the creek like there is no care in the world. I just love how when you get in the creek  the cool water, it makes your feet tingle and all you hear is birds singing lullaby's and the water rushing over your bare feet. The creek gurgles and gushes while the trees sway and groan. It's the perfect place to read a good book and watch the water run and dance across the rocks like ballerinas graceful but fun. You can splash and play. All of the little crystal clear water droplets from a splash all come raining down and land back on the surface of the water and then they all mysteriously disappear following the rest of the water in the creek downstream. All they leave behind is what looks like little ripple flowers, but they disappear just as fast as the water droplets did. But all in all, I think the creek is the best place on the farm, it'as filled with water, sound and beautiful vision.
                                                                                                 -Summer P.
There are islands in the creek where the water splits and goes around them.

The creek comes back together at the tip of the island and continues down its path.

In the woods, small springs come up and feed the creek

Please take two minutes to enjoy the creek with us.


  1. It sure is a pretty little creek. Relaxing to listen to.

  2. It surely is lovely. Bet it's downright invigorating now!

    1. Thank you I love the creek and your right it's way higher than it was, Dawson built a mini village and now it's underwater. Another thing is it's freezing cold! I've been having to were my polka dot barn boots instead of bare feat.=) We hope to see you during the holidays or any other time. Let us know when we can get together.
      Love you,