Monday, September 4, 2017

Pole Beans

Early this summer we planted Fortex pole beans. We set up cow panels in ends in an arch shape. T-post were set in the ground to hold the panels in the right shape. We planted the young bean plants on the inside of the arches. We also wrapped chicken wire around the whole arch, hoping this would at least hold back the deer and rabbits somewhat. Well, let me tell you they for evermore started growing some beans! Fortex is Grand's favorite pole beans and she is really old! Not really, we just thought that would make her laugh.  Now back to the beans, as you can see in the pictures Fortex makes beans galore and many are over a foot long. Yep! a foot long. and even at that size, they are still tender and just delicious. Pole beans also produce over a long period of time so we were able to eat our fill. Grands makes the best green beans and new potatoes you have ever tasted. She first fries a piece of bacon in the pot she cooks the beans in. Then adds a chopped onion and cooks it with the bacon. When the onion is tender add the green beans and cover with water. Boil till as tender as you like your green beans. Add potatoes and cook them till done all the way through Best green beans ever!  No matter how good much we enjoy these green beans you can only eat so many. But thank goodness Grand canned some for winter. Grand has been canning green beans for over fifty years. If you would like to know how she does it please check out our Cooking with Grand page.

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