Saturday, September 23, 2017

Old farm houses need a lot of work

When we first laid eyes on our Appalachian farmhouse, we thought it was charming.  We overlooked all the work it was going to take to get it fixed up. The only things we saw were the beautiful creek, the open farmland and the hardwood forest that covered the mountains behind the house. We could not wait to get a veggie garden planted, lots of blueberries bushes put in and the orchard finely finished. We tried not to notice the house. We put in a driveway added a retaining wall and put up our farm sign. Lots of flowers were planted and it looks great Oh there's that house again, we need to work on it. But right now let's plant some sugar cane that will be fun! Oh and let's add some strawberries too, we could build some beds for them. We needed to tear down some old buildings that could not be repaired. When we would be busy on all the other things the house just sat as it had for almost a hundred years. Three years later we are forced to take a long hard look at all the work that needs to be done on the farmhouse.  Where do we start? There is so much to do but if you know us you will not be surprised to find out we started with the kitchen. It is the heart of any home after all. We would love to do a total redo on the kitchen. But for now redoing some cabinets so we could have a place to put the refrigerator was at the top of the list of things to do. Then we painted the cabinets white so it is looking great. More on the kitchen later.  The house needed some work we that we had not planned on. Surprise!  It does not just need painting that would be too easy. There is lots of rotten siding that will need to be replaced. The good news is that we are starting on the outside of the house, siding is being replaced and the paint is going up. We decided on a dark green color with white trim. The best part will be the bright red front door. We can't wait till it is finished!  We will keep you updated, more to come!

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