Monday, May 8, 2017

We got a Tractor!

      Life has really changed at Sweet Summer Farm. We bought a tractor! Ever since we bought our farm about 2 years ago we always thought how a tractor would help us. "A tractor would help us move this" or "A tractor would plow this" was something that was heard often on our farm. We always kept our eye out for a good deal. We looked at dealerships, E-Bay, Craig's List, etc. but never found the right deal. We looked for about a year and a half with no luck. Then, a break! our grandfather found an add in the paper from AgPro. The AgPro dealership was all the way in Gainsville (an hour away), so we loaded up the whole family to head south. When we arrived at the dealership, we were met by a very friendly salesman named Jeff Jenson. We looked at a couple of tractors, some larger, some smaller, and talked about what we would need for our small farm. We decided on one of John Deere's package deals. The deal we chose gave us a tractor, a trailer, a mower, a plow, plus a bucket on the front.  With this deal, we could get everything we needed for our farm. Once we found this deal, our grandfather decided to purchase it. We are really enjoying our new tractor. It has already made a big difference on the way we do things now at the farm. We are enlarging our vegetable beds over three times the size we had last year. We are now able to move lots of things with the bucket on the tractor that before were overwhelming. The mowing of the pasture is now a quick job we can do ourselves.We are looking forward to all the ways we are going to put this new tractor to work.


  1. I already wondered how you could plow vegetables beds without a tractor...i sweat planting a few tomatoes or a idea to do a larger bed!!!

  2. A modern farm is incomplete without a tractor. These machines plow, rake, till, pulverize, mow, tow and harvest. Congratulations on buying a new tractor! I love the fact that you chose one that has several features – a trailer, a plow, a mower and a bucket on the front. I am pretty sure that all these elements will come in handy when performing various farm activities.

    1. Thanks! We love our new John Deere! It has changed the way work on our farm. Everyday we find a new use for it. Like my grandaddy always said "I don't care what kind of tractor you buy as long as it is green and yellow"