Monday, May 18, 2015

The Blacksmith

     When we were at the Mother Earth News Fair, we went to the John C. Campbell Folk School  Area. We met a blacksmith. The blacksmith's name is Paul Garrett and he owns Smokey Mountain Ironware in Brasstown, NC. P.O. Box 66. Phone Number 704-604-1777. All products are made in the USA. He was very nice and we enjoyed talking to him. We watched him make a nail and he gave my brothers and me each a nail. He makes many things such as hooks, knives, herb cutters, wine glass holders, and even Round Tuits.
Free Nail
Free Nails for everyone

Lots of Hand-forged items from the blacksmith
A really neat herb cutter

Hand-forged  nail, a hook, and A Round Tuit

A hand-forged hook

A round Tuit

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