Monday, May 4, 2015

Broom maker at the Mother Earth News Fair

     While visiting the Mother Earth News Fair, my family and I, went to the John C. Campbell Folk School Demo Area. There we saw many artists at work. One that caught my eye was the Broom maker. Mark Hendry is a broom maker at the Folk School and makes brooms using methods from the 1700s. I found his work very interesting. Some of the brooms were multi-colored, Some of them had woven handles, and some of them had different textures woven into the bottom. I was very impressed by these brooms and would like to show you some pictures of the brooms on display.
Mark Hendry working on one of his brooms.

Different textures are woven into the bottom of this broom.

A beautiful multi-colored colored broom.

A broom with an intricate design

A broom with a woven handle

Brooms on display outside


  1. I enjoy functional art like this. Thanks for sharing!