Thursday, September 24, 2015

Breaking More Ground

We have learned a lot since we bought our small farm. One of the things we learned was that we don't want a small front-tined tiller. This tiller nearly beat Dad to death. We are using large sheets of black plastic to kill the grass. You can see one of the sheets in one of the photos. We rented a larger rear-tined tiller this time and it performed MUCH better. After Dad finished tilling, we finished our second bed for fall planting. See pictures of our second "dig" below.
Getting started

Moving forward

Dad is working hard

Almost done!

The pile of rocks pulled from the field. The one on top must weigh a ton.

It's all about perspective. You could see this as just a big rock or you could
see a table for your glass of ice water. -Grand


  1. Glad the job was a bit easier for your Dad! I remember using a tiller, years ago, in my parents garden, tough job indeed! Also, very smart with the black plastic to use as a "natural" grass killer rather than something like "Round-Up". Also, a beautiful sunny spot for your garden.

  2. And now we have our own tiller that works much better!