Monday, February 2, 2015

Goat Butter

        When Grand got some goats milk out of the refrigerator to make some yummy soup. She opened the jar and found that all the cream had risen to the top!!! Grand thought "I'm going to get all that cream out and try to make butter!" She grabbed a spoon and got all the cream out and put it in a pint jar. Then she called our friend Miss Janet who has dairy goats and asked her how you make goat butter. After learning that all you have to do is shake the cream, Grand transferred it to a quart jar. Then she called all three of us kids to come shake it. We all took turns shaking the cream while we watched TV. After shaking, we noticed that the cream was turning into butter! We shook harder! A pint of cream made about a cup of beautiful, soft and creamy butter. After that, I called Miss Janet and told her all about making the butter. She was tickled that our butter turned out so wonderful. Something neat about the goat butter is that it is  pure white instead of pale yellow like cows butter. For supper that night Grand made a rich and creamy beef and barley soup with mushrooms. Grand also makes a really good potato and buttermilk bread except this time she added rosemary and garlic. The soft, rich bread with the soft and creamy butter tasted outstanding! Here are some pictures down below.
Butter forming at the top of the jar 
Squeeze the moisture out of the butter  
Our finished product!