Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Growing Search

     Today we contacted another real-estate agent in the growing search to find our Sweet Summer Farm. We have started looking at the Asheville-Murphy area, just to see what we can find. We have also found some historical farms in north Georgia. We have even started looking in South Carolina because there may be some cheap land there. Our dream farm is a farm with 50 acres, a barn, two houses, and the land must be unrestricted. For our full wishlist visit the Our Dream Farm post ( One of the historical farms that caught my attention was an old school. It had large classrooms with original blackboards, two spacious hallways, and a separate gymnasium with stage. I was thinking we could change the classrooms into bedrooms, make the cafeteria our dining room/kitchen, and teach farm/herb classes in the gym.

     If you have any suggestions on where to look for our farm, what to look for, or how to get a deal please comment. We really appreciate your opinion.


  1. The school could be a good idea if it isn't top many square feet and if the ceilings aren't too tall. Remember you have to heat and cool it!
    I am thinking a nice vineyard in Italy could work. ;)

  2. Vermont has lots of farms and land for sale. Yes it even snows here a lot in the winter.