Thursday, August 20, 2015

Moving our new chicken coop!

     Our friend Josh, who also teaches all three of us the guitar, needed to sell his chicken coop. So we bought it! Then we had to move it! It sounds easy, but it's really not! Daddy had to rent a trailer because our trailer was too small. Daddy hatched a brilliant plan he used a high-lift jack, a come-along, a pulley, and PVC pipe as rollers plus lots of pushing from Mama, Josh, and me also some pulling from Daddy. Finally, we got it loaded on the trailer. We slowly made our way on curvy mountain roads to our new farm. The farm house finally came into view. Grand looked out the kitchen window and started laughing because it looked like there was a chicken coop coming down the road because she couldn't see the truck. Finally, Dawson, Daddy and I got it unloaded. Soon we will have a place for the newest arrivals to the farm. See pictures below
The chicken coop arrives at the farm!

Ready to unload

Foundation blocks first


Look Out! Don't smash Mama!

Safely unloaded

What a beautiful spot. Lucky chickens.

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  1. I Love Your land Summer! It's so beautiful there!